Propositions of 39th annual Psotkov Memoriál

Main Organizer: 
SHS James (Slovak Mountaineering Association)

OZ Psotkov Memoriál
THS-DZ ( group of the High Tatras rescue volunteers)

HK Slávia STU Bratislava

Saturday, 12.10.2024

7:30 AM – Cross-country skiing area SNOW – Štrba – Štrbské Pleso 
GPS coordination: 49.1280206N, 20.0602031E

Cross-country skiing area SNOW – Štrba – Štrbské Pleso


race BASIC   25.30 km / +1540 m

Mountains Points: 6
Limit: 6 hours

race EXTREME   37.90 km / +2490 m

Mountains Points: 7
Limit: 8 hodín


Online registration only via and is limited to 200 race entries combined for the both Races. 

Terms and Conditions of online registration:

  • You can register through
  • Registration is only available for a limited number of 200 participants, together for both races. Once the capacity of 200 is reached, registration will be automatically closed.
  • Registration is completed only after the entry fee has been paid.
  • To apply a discount to SHS James members, it is necessary to enter the JAMES password into the registration form.
  • Each participant must reach the age of 18 years at the day of the start.
  • The minimum number of runners is 70 for the BASIC and 30 for the EXTREME.
  • In case the participation limit of 200 participants is not met after the closing of online registration on the 10.10.2024, registration on the race day will be possible until the limit is met.
  • The condition for online registration is consent of the participant to the processing of personal data in accordance with act No. 18/2018 Coll. 

BASIC 26km / 1600m+
Štrbské pleso (Cross-country skiing area SNOW)Jamské pleso Krivánskom žľabe crossroads – Tri studničky – Važecká chataFurkotská dolina crossroads – Škutnastá poľana – Chata pod SoliskomŠtrbské pleso čerpačka Štrbské pleso (Cross-country skiing area SNOW)

Download GPX for BASIC race

EXTREME 38km / 2500m+
Štrbské pleso (Cross-country skiing area SNOW) – Jamské pleso – Krivánskom žľabe crossroads – Tri studničky Važecká chataFurkotská dolina crossroads – Škutnastá poľana – Chata pod Soliskom„Esíčko“ (vrch) – Štrbské pleso (the base of the chairlift station) – Mlynická dolinasedlo Bystrá lávkaFurkotská dolinaŠkutnastá poľana Chata pod SoliskomŠtrbské pleso čerpačka – Štrbské pleso (Cross-country skiing area SNOW)

Download GPX for EXTREME race
More detailed information about the course is HERE.

  • BASIC race: “start-to-finish” style 
  • EXTREME race: a “rally” style with 4 checkpoints

Checkpoints on the EXTREME course:

  1. START – Crossroads in Krivánsky žlab
  2. Tri Studničky Aid Station – Chalet below Solisko
  3. Mlynická dolina Aid Station – lake Capie pleso
  4. Štrbské pleso čerpačka – FINISH

90% of the course leads along marked hiking trails, 10% on grassy cross-country trails and gravel.

Aid Stations:
BASICTri Studničky (13 km), Chalet under Solisko (water only)

EXTREMETri Studničky (13 km), Chalet under Solisko (water only), Štrbské pleso (the base of the chairlift station, 25 km), Chalet under Solisko (water only)

Cut off times:
BASIC – 6 hours
EXTREME – 8 hours

Cut off times:

  • Tri studničky – 10:30
  • ústie Mlynickej doliny – 12:00

Cut off times as well as Time limits at Tri Studničky Aid Station and on Mlynická Valley Aid Station will be specified before the race according to current conditions.

A – MEN (men, year of birth 1975 – 2006)
B – WOMEN (women, year of birth 1985 – 2006)
C – VETERANS (men, year of birth 1974 and earlier)
D – VETERANS (women, year of birth 1984 and earlier)

If the minimum number of 5 runners in the VETERANS men category and 5 runners in the VETERANS women category on both, BASIC and EXTREME race are not filled, the category will be cancelled.

Entry fee:
until 31.8.2024 50 € (members of SHS James 45 €)

1.9.2024 – 10.10.2024 70 €

The entry fee is the same for both, BASIC and EXTREME race.

  • The discount of the entry fee applies to members of the SHS James who have paid their membership fee for year 2024. Check of the valid member cards shall be carried out during the registration.
  • The entry fee covers: expenses to finance and organize the event, BIB, chip, refreshments during the race, food and drink at the finish line, badge, track security and supervision of THS-DZ, start package for each participant and entry to the afterparty.
  • The entry fee does not provide insurance in the mountains for the intervention of the HZS. The valid insurance is a condition for participation in the event!
  • It is not possible to refund or transfer of the paid entry fee to the next year, but it can be transferred to another person via and a the transfer fee 10€ is charged. The transfer must be made no later than 30.9.2024, after this date the change will no longer be possible. 
  • In the event that, as in 2020, force majeure intervenes and the organizer is forced to cancel the event for objective reasons earlier than 4 weeks before the start (until 12.9.2024), the organizer will refund the entry fee of 90% of the paid amount. In case of cancellation of the event after 12.9.2024, the organizer will refund the entry fee of 50% of the paid amount.

Protests can be submitted to the chief arbitrator within 30 minutes of the preliminary announcement of the results. There is a protest fee €15.00 to be paid to the main arbitrator. If the protest is justified, the fee will be refunded.


  • Presentation for the race and collection of BIB and start packages will take place on Friday 11.10.2024 from 16:00 till 22:00 at the start Cross-country skiing area SNOW.
  • The mass start of the race will be on Saturday 12.10.2024 at 7:30 at the referee tower of the cross-country skiing area SNOW. It will be preceded by the issuance of chips (from 6:00), interpretation of the route and a commemoration of friends who are buried on the highest mountain in the world, Mt. Everest. We therefore ask all competitors to arrive at the starting point no later than 45 minutes before the start.
  • The results announcement, prize giving and raffle draw are scheduled for 15:30.

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Mandatory equipment checklist:

  • personal identity document and insurance card
  • wind and water-resistant jacket with membrane
  • headgear (cap, scarf …)
  • thin gloves
  • 0.5 liter of liquid in a bottle or water reservoir
  • a cup for water
  • something small to eat (bar, fruit, chocolate, bacon, …)
  • charged mobile phone to the number indicated in the registration form
  • foil blanket
  • mountain insurance for HZS intervention valid for the duration of the event

The mandatory gear will be checked for each participant during the presentation. Without complete mandatory equipment, the participant will not be issued with a starting number.

Additional mandatory equipment (cold weather kit):

  • knee-covering long trousers
  • insulated windbreaker
  • cap covering the ears
  • waterproof warm gloves
  • crampons or non-slip chains

In the event of necessity to use additional mandatory gear, the equipment shall be checked for each participant on the start line. No participant will be allowed to start without having additional mandatory equipment. Both mandatory and additional mandatory equipment can be spot-checked during the race and its absence will result in disqualification of the racer.

Storing of personal belongings:

A safe area will be set up at the point of start to store personal belongings.


  • Each participant will be asked to prove their identity during the presentation with a valid personal identity document, a valid insurance for the intervention of the HZS and to sign a document that participation in the event is voluntary,  their own responsibility and at their own risk.
  • After 30.9.2024 it will no longer be possible to change the type of the course (from BASIC to EXTREME or vice versa).
  • The race will take place in all weather conditions.
  • In case of bad weather, the organizer reserves the right to shorten the route or choose a replacement route and declare the need to use additional mandatory equipment, which the organizer may require in case of adverse conditions on the day.
  • The Organizer reserves the right to interrupt the race or even cancel the race prematurely if circumstances require so.
  • The course of the race leads primarily along marked hiking trails.  For this reason, there will be no more additional route markings (except for the short area leading on cross-country skiing courses Štrbské Pleso and the „Esíčko“ Piste, which will be marked).
  • Someone else’s aid carrying of the compulsory equipment, shortening the course, or veering off the marked pavement, intentional littering – throwing away garbage(litter / rubbish) on the route, will result in uncompromising disqualification! Please do not make us do this.
  • The total cut off times of the race and STOP times at the crossroads to Furkotská dolina and before Mlynická dolina can be adjusted before the start, weather depending and due to condition of the terrain.
  • Runners who fail to meet the limit on individual checks set by the organizer are obliged to hand over the BIB.
  • In case of early withdrawal from the race, the competitors are obliged to notify this fact at the closest Aid station or Check point, or by phone to the organizer’s number, which they will receive at the presentation.
  • A runner without a BIB number is no more a participant of the race. From that moment they move along the course like a standard visitor.
  • All participants of the race start at their own risk and the organizer recommends passing a medical examination before the race.
  • Health care will be provided by HZS throughout the course of the race. If necessary, the competitors are obliged to provide each other with first aid.

Accompanying Actions:

  • Commemorating the 40th anniversary of the successful 1984 Everest expedition.
  • The commemoration at the symbolic cemetery with the participation of members of the 1984 Everest expedition will be held on Saturday, 12.10.2024 at 10:00.
  • Expo – presentation of event partners will be at the start/finish point during the entire duration of the race
  • 32nd International Festival of Mountain Films in Poprad , which will also include a programme dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the 1984 Everest expedition
  • A joint meeting of race participants, organizers, participants of the Everest 1984 expedition, event partners and other kindred spirits will be held on Saturday after the announcement of the results at the Liptovarpárty in the gym of the FIS Hotel

From our partner TMR, a discounted price for weekend accommodation at Hotel FIS Strbské Pleso is available for the participants of the Psotkov Memorial after entering the promo code „PM2024„. This promotion is valid from 1.6.2024 until capacity is reached.

There are several parking options in paid car parks near the start.